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Absolutely! They benefit from orgonite devices just as much as adults. Below is a little science to explain how children benefit from orgonite. 

It will be helpful to understand frequency (vibrational energy). Let's look at the frequency of crystals. However, keep in mind that crystals are only one small component of orgonite. 


From a scientific standpoint, everything is frequency - atoms vibrating at a certain speed. Nothing is truly solid. The groundbreaking work of Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated how human emotions carry certain frequencies and demonstrated the effects they have on water. When water was exposed to human emotions then, flash frozen, certain geometric structures appeared in the frozen water. More positive emotions created more complex structures. It can then be understood that our emotions change our frequency. However, crystals (as well as orgonite)  have a constant, unchanging frequency. When two frequencies are placed together, one will inevitably be influenced by the other. Because a crystal's frequency (as well as the frequency of orgonite devices) is constant and unchanging, the human's frequency will be influenced. 

Many people feel crystals are reserved for the metaphysical world, however, crystals are used in modern day technology. They have some unique properties. When heat, or pressure is applied to a crystal, an electron jumps from it's orbit and is discharged. This creates a mild electrical charge, called piezoelectricity. This is what occurs in an orgonite device. When the resin cures it applies a constant pressure to the crystals inside. The crystal's power can be harnessed. In addition to piezoelectricity, crystals also store energy, and have amplification properties as well. Crystals are used in lasers, optics, computers, communication systems, radio, television, ultrasound and much more. Crystals, and thus orgonite devices, emit beneficial negative ions. Science is also currently coming to understand that information can be stored in crystals much like it can be stored in computer chips.   

So, how do children respond to crystals? To understand a crystal's effect on children, we will need to understand a little about silica. Quartz crystals create a resonate field that interacts with our subtle energy body. Quartz crystals are made of silica. The silica in our bodies respond to the vibratory frequency that the silica in the crystals emit. Children have higher silica stores than adults. As we age, our silica stores decline (unless you take silica supplements, of course). So, children are generally pretty sensitive/responsive to the frequencies of crystals. 

However, again, crystals are only one small component of an orgonite device. They serve as the frequency "filters" of the orgone energy that is emitted. They fine-tune the frequency of the energy that is being discharged. Please see "what is orgoneto learn about how orgonite works. But briefly, the layering of organic and inorganic materials attracts the orgone energy that is naturally all around us. This energy is often referred to as chi, prana, etc. Orgonite devices, draw in this energy, concentrate it, and emit it. Orgonite devices attract beneficial and detrimental energy. This includes EMF's. The crystals transmute the detrimental energies into beneficial energies. Wearing an orgonite pendant has a powerful energetic effect on one's being. Many people can feel them buzzing" with energy. 

I have measured the energetic field of the children's pendants with dowsing rods to be about 4 feet. They are packed with powerful ingredients! The front is colorful and attractive and includes crystals, shimmery flakes, and 24 karat gold. The black matrix behind the color contains powerful orgone generating ingredients including: atomized metals, magnetite powder, shungite powderpiezoelectric minerals, gold ORMUS, a herkimer diamond, black tourmaline, crushed rose quartz, crushed clear quartz, crushed selenite, copper shavings, and a copper coil. The back of the pendants are finished off with bright colors and glitter. We design the pendants to be very attractive to children.   

Children are naturally in-tune with their intuition and energy bodies. Because humanity is experiencing a time of rapid evolution, children who are being born now are more highly evolved. From a spiritual viewpoint, children are coming in as healers of the earth and fixers of broken systems. They are coming here to usher in a new age of higher and more advanced systems. They are also very sensitive to subtle energies, such as orgone energy.  

Children experience the same benefits from orgointe that adults experience. They may be even more sensitive to the frequencies of orgone energy. This is a good thing!

Children can experience:

  • improved sleep

  • balanced mood

  • improved self-confidence 

  • protection from EMF

  • increased spiritual awareness

Can Children Benefit from Orgonite? 

How the Children's Pendants are Made

Black tourmaline.jpg

Black Tourmaline

Protects from EMF, grounds, purifies and cleanses

iron oxide.jpg

Atomized Metals

Powerful generators of orgone energy - serves as the main inorganic layering component of orgonite

shungite powder.jpg

Shungite Powder

Provides powerful EMF protection, grounds and cleanses energy


Rochelle Salts

Super-generator of piezoelectricity in addition to the quartz crystals



A super-conductor and high frequency element that is very beneficial for energy elevation & balancing


Crushed Clear Quartz

Creates peizoelectricity, end enhances your biomagnetic field.  


Crushed Selenite

High frequency crystal used for energetic cleansing



Promotes a positive "I can" attitude.

rose quartz.jpg

Crushed Rose Quartz

Resonates to the frequency of LOVE and attunes the orgonite device to the heart. 

gold flakes.jpg

24 Karat Gold

Assists to correct the flow of energy in all layers of the human energy field.


Herkimer Diamond

The ultimate amplifier and the highest vibrational crystal there is. 


Copper Shavings

Copper is a conductor of energy and also serves as inorganic material that generates orgone energy


Copper Coil

Influences the direction of the flow of energy 


Sound Frequency

Instills a resonance that creates a more cohesive & complex frequency 


Bright Colors

Influences our energy fields and emotions



Love adds complex high frequency light codes increasing the power.

opal flakes.jpg

Shimmer flakes

Shimmers and sparkles are very attractive to children



Eco-poxy is a plant-based non-toxic resin that is environmentally friendly.

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