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Is Athena the Goddess of War?

Is Athena truly the goddess of WAR? If this is the case, then I might suggest that Athena has greatly evolved!

Athena embodies several powerful attributes that set an example for humanity to work toward. And war is NOT among them. Athena carries a strength of self that sets the "front line" boundaries to any who would oppose her. She is unwavering in her truth. She wears a garment of wisdom (often seen with an owl) and embodies self love. Standing in her strength of self, she IS the army. The battle is won by standing in her truth. Victory is claimed when self love is expressed in action. These are the codes that are in this Athena orgonite pendant.

The creation of this pendant came from visionary instruction from Athena. It contains an emerald in the center. Emerald resonates powerfully with the heart and emanates true, pure love. The symbol in the pendant is the "serch bythol" celtic symbol meaning eternal love. It consists of two triqetras intertwined in an eternal knot held together with a circle that has no ending and no beginning. Purple rose petals are in the background embodying the universal wisdom energies. The back of the pendant contains my stardust matrix which powerfully generate orgone energy. The Athena codes are:

  • wisdom

  • boundaries

  • self love

  • strength to stand in one's truth

It is thought that Athena is the goddess of war. But she is the goddess of standing in her power in her own truth. All who oppose those energies are left to deal with their own resistance.

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