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Seal of Alchemy

The words themselves hurl my consciousness through a portal back to the time of witches and alchemists. The Seal of Alchemy - it feels so mystical - and it is! It was created by alchemists in the time period when alchemists were being prosecuted. They needed a way to preserve their knowledge in a way that would "hide" their true meaning from those who could misuse the information.

The seal of alchemy has 4 components. The inner circle represents the VOID. The square represents THOUGHT - which activates the void. The triangle represents UNIVERSAL ENERGY - which purifies thought. The outer circle is the MANIFESTATION of the thought. Essentially, it means everything is created from nothing. In other words, thought creates reality.

This is a powerful symbol wrought with ancient knowledge! There was a time when people would have died to protect knowledge like this. It is hard to image when, in our modern times, the internet is permeated with knowledge like this. Secrets buried in graves, shrouded in mystery are now being echoed from every virtual corner of the web. And today, we don't have to risk losing our lives while share this ancient knowledge.

I have added a merlinite and iolite crystals to this symbol to enhance the magical qualities of this jewel of a talisman. Merlinite received it's name because it has been known to attract mystical experiences! It is truly a stone of magic! Ioite is one of my favorite crystals and is a true indigo crystal. I love that many pieces are "gemmy" or transparent to show the shimmer flakes behind them. Iolite activates the third eye and can even assist you in accessing your akashic records! Watch my video for an explanation of this pendant.

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