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What is Orgone Energy?

The Story

Dr. Wilhelm Reich 

Orgone energy was discovered by scientist Wilhelm Reich back in the 1930's. He was the first to discover (prove) the existence of an etheric bioenergetic life force energy that is present in  and around us and animates our environment. Other cultures refer to this energy as "chi" or "prana".  He hypothesized that this essence could coalesce to create organization from the smallest of biological life-forms to structures as large as galaxies. He invented the first orgone accumulator machine by layering wool and metal - organic and inorganic materials.  He found that his patients experienced faster healing as they sat in the orgone accumulator machine. He also discovered that there is positive orgone energy (structured and coherent) and deadly orgone energy (stagnant leading to decay and entropy). When he observed the “orgone” particles under a microscope, he called them “bions”, appearing as blue particles. However, most of his work was confiscated and destroyed by the FDA. Later, some of his work that was still discoverable was expounded upon by Karl Hans Welz and Don Croft.  It was discovered that metals could be suspended in resin, effectively combining layers of organic and inorganic material.  Furthermore, if a quartz crystal was added to the mix of the organic and in organic materials, the stagnant energy was transmuted into beneficial energy. Orgone as we know it today, is made by combining organic and inorganic material such as metals and crystals suspended in resin. When these materials are suspended in a resin the compressed crystals create a piezoelectric field - a charge.  Experiments have shown that these devices also produce scalar fields which are beneficial to living organisms. Some benefits of orgone devices include: 

•    protection from harmful EMF

•    improved mood

•    improved overall health/wellbeing

•    improved sleep

•    improved plant growth

•    relieving stress

•    improved meditations

How it Works

The Organic

& Inorganic

Orgone generators work by layering organic and inorganic materials. The resin serves as the organic material and the crystals and metals serve as the inorganic material. Metals attract and repel the orgone energy that is present  all around us. The attracting and repelling action pulls it in, and creates an energetic accumulation as it bounces around between the metal particles. This is how it accumulates. The quartz crystals become compressed in the resin. As they are compressed, they become what is referred to as piezoelectric - they produce an electrical charge. A coil can help to structure and move the orgone energy in a certain direction.  So, the metals  suspended in resin attract the orgone energy and the crystals transmute the energy into beneficial energies. 


Orgone devices can be designed with an infinite number of possible frequencies by combining different crystals with unique properties, colors, metals, sacred geometry, symbols,  shapes, and imbedded/programmed intentions. 

It has been found that some materials are able to create a more powerful field of orgone energy than others. The metals in the orgone generator devices serve as inorganic matter. It is the layering or the organic and inorganic material that attracts the orgone energy from the environment into the device. So, essentially, the smaller the metal particles are, the more layers you will create because the resin gets in-between each metal particle. Atomized metals, or metal powders create a COUNTLESS number of organic and inorganic layers! This allows for a much greater amount of orgone energy to be generated. Crushed quartz crystals also add a greater surface area of crystals present in the resin to generate piezoelectricity.  


It is also helpful to understand a little more about quartz crystals. They are an essential component of an orgonite device. Crystals are very powerful minerals. When heat, or pressure is applied to a crystal, an electron jumps from it's orbit and is discharged. This creates a mild electrical charge, called piezoelectricity. This is what occurs when resin cures and applies a constant pressure to the crystals inside. They crystal's power can be harnessed. In addition to piezoelectricity, crystals also store energy, and have amplification properties as well. Crystals are even used in modern day technology.Their power is harnessed in the operation of lasers, optics, computers, communication systems, radio, television, ultrasound and much more. Adding crystals to an already powerful orgone generating device creates a powerful piece of technology that generates and emits a resonant field that interacts with our subtle energy body. 



Science Meets Love

I use high quality materials such as 24 karat gold, herkimer diamonds, atomized metals, piezoelectric minerals, magnetite powder, EcoPoxy resin, selenite, rose quartz, black tourmaline, clear quartz, pyrite, gold ORMUS, neodymium magnets,  copper shavings, and a copper coil,  

EcoPoxy resin is Eco-friendly and nontoxic to the environment. 

Gold ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements - ORME - aka “ORMUS”), is gold in white powered form after is has undergone a specific alchemical process. It has electrons that are in a high spin state. Science sees high spin minerals as exotic matter because they are not yet understood nor included in the Periodic Table.  These elements are called ORMUS or m-state elements. Monoatomic gold is essentially gold atoms that have been separated from each other and are no longer bonded together. Many people experience an increase in brain function, enhanced healing and immune function, mood support, and spiritual elevation. In some people it can activate clairvoyance, telepathy, and clairaudience.

Using crushed quartz increases the surface area of exposed quartz crystals in the matrix. This distributes the area of effectiveness.  Clear quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier of the planet. Holding a quartz crystal in your hand will double your bio magnetic field. It is the most efficient receptor for programming. It is a master healer and assist in bring the body into balance. 

Rose quartz is added in order to assist people with heart alignment, as we are in a time of moving from survival-based consciousness to heart based consciousness.  Rose quartz is a crystal of unconditional love. It stimulates the high heart, and teaches the essence of true love. It will assist you in attracting love. It assist in restoring trust and harmony. It helps to release unexpressed emotions and baggage that no longer serves you. It also teaches you how to love your self, so that in turn, you can love others. 

Herkimer diamonds raise increase the power of the device and amplify it's frequency.  Herkimer diamonds manifest pure solid light and amplify one's own spiritual energy. They are powerful amplifiers. They are the most powerful of all quartz crystals! Herkimer diamonds are excellent for magnifying the properties of other crystals. They clear the chakras and opens the channels for spiritual energy to flow through you. They also assist in opening the third eye and crown chakras. They are very useful in assisting you to with astral travel and enhancing psychic abilities.

Black Tourmaline is a crystal for protection and grounding. It cleanses and purifies energy transforming it into a lighter vibration. It grounds spiritual energy and clears and balances all of the chakras. It forms a protective shield around the body. Tourmaline is a shamanic stone used often for rituals for protection. It also protects against EMF, psychic attacks and negative energies of all kinds. It assist you in clearing negative thoughts and encourages positive thoughts. 

Selenite is a high vibrational crystal. It opens the crown chakra to allow information from higher dimensions to flow. It instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation. It radiates purity and connects you with the angelic realms. It is one of the top most powerful crystals for the new earth. 

Shungite is a powerful healing mineral. It protects against harmful EMF's - and when added to orgonite, those properties are enhanced even more. Shungite is powerfully cleansing, grounding, balancing and purifying. 

Pyrite contains the fire element and great for boosting energy and stamina. It helps to boost confidence and willpower. It helps to change "I can't" to "I can". It boosts mental acuity and is great for academic pursuits. It can also help to dissolve negative habits. Pyrite also helps to boost prosperity.

Gold resonates into higher dimensions. It corrects the flow of energy in all layers of the human energy field. It carries the original codes of creation. It is a life line of source energy to you! It is one of the most beneficial elements we can work with. 

Metals are one of the most important  ingredients to be added in abundance to an orgonite device. A good rule of thumb is a 50/50 ratio of metals to crystals. Metals have beneficial properties as well as crystals do. Metals also help to mitigate the effects of EMF. Copper is a top metals that helps to protect from EMF. 

Magnetite powder is a powerful mineral in your orgone device! Did you know that you have magnetite minerals (crystals) in your brain? They are concentrated in your brain stem and cerebellum. This crystal allows you to sense the magnetic fields of the earth, just as wild life does. The magnetite in your orgone device creates a  bio-resonance with the magnetite in your brain. This can amplify your connection with earth's magnetic fields!

Magnets are very beneficial to humans. Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets. 

Our bodies naturally have magnetic and electrical fields. All of our molecules have a small amount of magnetic energy. It is thought certain problems occur because our magnetic fields are out of balance. Putting a magnetic field near the body, may assist your body to return to a balanced state. Ions like calcium and potassium help your cells send signals. In clinical tests, scientists have actually seen how magnets impact these ions an change th way they behave. Some benefits include 

The creation of orgone generators is a sacred act. Intention and state of consciousness during the creation of these devices is of upmost importance.  The creative process is intuited and channeled. Sound healing with master Tibetan singing bowls is used during the curing process to increase their healing power. Each of these creations are hand crafted with love. Each piece is alchemically transformed with sacred heart frequencies! Light codes are embedded within each device to assist you in your journey and to expand your conscious field of awareness. 

The methods I use have been honed overtime to create powerful but also beautiful devices. When you receive an orgone device, your path is shifted. The device that is meant for you, will call to you. They invite you deep into your being to create a shift in consciousness and an expanded awareness of SELF. The journey begins or it is deepened. 

It is my honor to be able to assist humanity in deepening their journey into SELF. The creative process is powerfully healing and this energy extends to the wearer of the device. The energy of these devices extend far beyond the science of orgone. Science as we know it and spirituality are one in the same. Much is being discovered about human consciousness and the power of our thoughts and intention, including the ability to alter matter on a molecular level with intention.  This knowledge is used with awareness, reverence and love to create these sacred devices.  

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