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Shield Your Energy Field

With Orgone Technology

Frequency Armor


With research, over time, I have created a combination of ingredients that make orgonite devices very powerful. Essentially the combination creates a FREQUENCY ARMOR. These ingredients are the base of all of the devices that I am a vessel to create. Please see the page what is orgone to discover more about what is included and why. 

Sacred space is created during the creative process to allow intuition and inspiration, and high frequency energies to be channeled through. Sound healing is also used with master Tibetan singing bowls during the curing process to increase their healing power. Each creation is hand crafted with love. Each piece is alchemically transformed with sacred heart frequencies! These devices will help to protect you from the harmful EMF frequencies that we are continuously exposed to. Orgonite devices attract all frequencies (beneficial and harmful), transmutes them to beneficial frequencies, then concentrates and emits them as life-force energy. They work with balancing your whole being on all levels including spiritual, emotional and physical. They will also assist you in expanding your conscious field of  awareness. 


Universal Principles  for the Ascension of Humanity

CO-CREATION ignites the spark of CHANGE and solidifies the foundation for an EMPOWERED COMMUNITY!

Conscious creation through positive Intention

One earth, one goal - oneness of humanity


Communion through the sacred act of giving and receiving

Reverence for ALL of life

Equality - recognition of the divine potential in every living being

Authenticity of heart, mind, and expression

Transcendence of SURVIVAL-based consciousness by embracing LOVE- based consciousness

Empowered interdependence

together we CO-CREATE!

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