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Gifting and Connecting

I feel passionately about gifting! There is a world wide movement of gifting orgonite and planting orgone generator devices around the world for the healing of mother earth!​ I have gifted thousands of devices and will continue to do so for the upliftment of humanity and healing of mother earth.


Part of gifting is connecting with each other and transcending beyond SEPARATION-based consciousness to LOVE-based consciousness. It invites you to explore your inner being and begins to move your energy from your head to your heart. We encourage you to gift as well! It is in this unity consciousness act of love that will transform our world and humanity!


"As always, I'm awed by the beauty and power of these pendants. I find orgonite - especially from OrgoneCrystalAlchemy - immensely helpful. I sleep better, and have definitely observed effective shielding from EMFs (bought an EMF meter and tested the pendant and ring under various conditions. They work fabulously!) This is my third purchase from Angela, and I'm sure to purchase many more. Thank you!"

—  Meenaakshi MARCH 2022

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