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National Flower


Through a series of synchronistic events, I encountered several people whom I have shared time, space and energy with who greatly inspired me to begin creating orgontie devices. I have a deep, ancient connection with crystals, and work/live in the realms of energy. The frequencies of symbols and sacred geometry are deeply powerful and our connection to them is ancient. Wearing them can awaken ancient knowledge stored within your being. Combining the power of crystals, symbols/geometry and the energy of orgone can be life transforming and tremendously healing. I wish to contribute to the healing of mother earth and her inhabitants through these creations. 

I have been inspired to create orgonite devices that are as powerful as possible that also have a radiant beauty. I use a combination of ingredients that was created through spiritual guidance as well as research. This base includes atomized metals, piezoelectric minerals, shungite powder, magnetite powder, gold ORMUS, crushed clear quartz, crushed rose quartz, crushed selenite, crushed black tourmaline, crushed pyrite, a herkimer diamond, copper, and a copper coil. This list of ingredients is the base of every device. Inspired symbols/geometry and crystals will fine-tune the frequency that these devices emit.  

With this ancient connection to the power of symbols, sacred geometry and crystals, I am able to create specifically designed pieces that connect to your higher self to awaken ancient knowledge stored in your akashic records. These orgonite devices also assist to bring in new light codes that you are ready to carry and share with humanity - consciously participating the evolution of the planet and her inhabitants. Everything is frequency, and when others come into the presence of your orgonite device, they share space with that frequency as well. 

The orgone devices that I am a vessel to create are inspired, intuited and some of them are created directly from visions, or instruction from guides/light beings/higher self. I am honored to be a vessel to create your healing devices. 


With this craft, I am able to assist with the ascension of humanity by bringing in the new earth frequencies - working with healing the land and bringing in new light codes to expand and evolve human consciousness.

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