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Wait, What? Magnetite crystals are present in the human brain?!

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

You read that right! This is new information. Why would there be magnetite crystals in the human brain? Magnetite (Fe3O4) is the most magnetic of all of the minerals and scientists have found high concentrations of this crystalline mineral in our cerebellum and brain stem. It is hypothesized that this is what allows us, as humans to sense earth's magnetic fields! Many animals are masters of this navigational wizardry. It wasn't known that humans have that potential as well. If our brains weren't so "google mapped", we may just have more of an ability to sense the magnetics of the earth.

But, my intuition is telling me that there is more to it than navigation. I am imagining standing in Stone Henge feeling my entire being swirling with the powerful vortex of ley line energies converging at that ancient and powerful site. Does this mineral in our brain assist us in actually connecting with and tapping into the power of earth's magnetic fields - a step beyond simply sensing them?

One reason why this subject has piqued my interest so much is because magnetite is included in all of the orgonite devices I am a vessel to create! It is part of my stardust matrix and adds to their power. When a mineral is in close proximity to the human body, it creates a bio resonance with the same minerals present in the body. And this idea is making me wonder if the orgonite devices I create are assisting you to connect with earth's magnetic fields! Could that be? I can only wonder - but wouldn't that be magical?!

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